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A New Quilt

Yes, I am starting a new quilt!  Yay!  It has been a long time since I have actually sewn a quilt top, or a mini quilt, or any quilt! Of course this is not counting the blocks that I am making with the Craftsy.com monthly sew along.  Not counting of course, because I have only made the two blocks (and getting ready to do my other two this weekend, yay again!)

This is actually a mini quilt, or wall quilt, or table topper, however you want to look at it.  And I absolutely love this pattern!  It’s from Camille Roskelley’s book, ‘simplify’, and I think that it is a great place for me to start! I’m starting small and working my way up.

I have a charm  pack of Joanna Figueroa’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I think it will be perfect to use in this quilt.  I really enjoy working with the pastel and spring colors, a reminder that spring is on the way.

I absolutely love this palete of colors!  I am using an ivory solid color for the small squares and inside border.

I have them all marked and ready to sew.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

My Quilt is Featured in a Banner!

Yes, that is right!  Besides  being my blog banner above, this coin quilt that I made a couple of years ago for my niece’s new baby girl, Norah, is included with three others on Madame Samm’s blog, Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure.   (It’s just coincidence that this quilt has been my banner on my blog for the last month. I receive so many comments on it, I decided to place it there for awhile so others could enjoy it as well!)
I was so honored when Madame Samm asked me if it was alright if she used my quilt! And speaking of Madame Samm, have you visited her blog?  She features different quilters and their wonderful quilts each month, has some ‘out of this world’ giveaways, tutorials and everything quilting!  You would absolutely love it!  So please, click right over there and check it out! You can find a link on both sides of my page (sorry but wordpress didn’t want me to put any links in my article this time!)
Thanks so much for looking!
Update:  I think that the links should work now!!  Thank you!

Handmade Christmas – Links to Gift Tutorials

If you ‘re like me, you have a long list of gifts that you would like to make for family, friends, and neighbors for Christmas.  Now is the time to get started! I have assembled a list of tutorials and instructions for some handmade gift ideas to get you going.  I will be adding to this list as I find other projects throughout the next couple of months, so check back frequently.

Of course I have to add my link for my fabric bucket/basket tutorial.  This would make a wonderful gift with other items added to make a gift basket for the recipient.

I also have included my tutorial for a needle keeper/holder.  A nice stocking stuffer on it’s own, or make a sewing basket for someone just learning to sew or doing other needlework.  Make the fabric bucket and add a needle keeper along with other sewing goodies to make a sewing basket.

Here are some quilted coasters from Martha Stewart‘s website.  A great stocking stuffer or gift for a friend or co-worker.



Here is a potholder/oven mitt that would be great for yourself or added to a set with towels etc.  Make it in holiday fabrics and add to a batch of cookies for a friend.


Here is a pattern to download for free for a set of teen matching pj bottoms and top.


Here is a ‘Everything Pocket Bag’ from Chickpea Sewing Studio. She has a downloadable PDF or Word document.



Over at Sew Mama Sew, here are links for 2009, 2008, and 2007 for some great gift ideas that they linked up to.  I am sure that there will be another collection this November, so watch for it!  Well worth it!

Here is an adorable backpack over at the Moda Bakeshop.  Contributed by Tiffany – Tiny Seamstress.  So cute!


Over at Purl Bee, there are tons of wonderful gift ideas.  Here is a link to some blankets, mostly for baby, but thinkd outside the box and make them larger for teens, moms, dads, friends and neighbors!


Have people on your list that you would like to make an apron for?  Here is a list from Tipnut of 40+ free apron patterns and tutorials.  Sew, sew, sew!



Here is a cute ‘Sewing Companion Case’ that would be a wonderful gift for a sewing friend.



Here is a ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ quilt pattern for a baby quilt, although I am sure you can enlarge it to whatever size you would like it to be without a problem.  I like the jigsaw pattern and bright colors in this one!


I will be adding more links as time goes by, but this should give you a good start on some projects and places to look.

Have fun!


Moving on to 2010…….

2009 has been such a full and satisfying year for me.  Although I always wish I could do more sewing, I’ll always feel like  I should be doing more.  That is just my nature.  Allowing me to share my projects with each of you through my blog, and visiting each of your blogs and sharing everything that you create has been such an inspiration to me.

Just a few things that I have made, and received from others.

Thank you, I look forward to so many more wonderful moments in 2010!

Happy New Year!!

God Bless, Cheryl

Mini Quilt Done and Mailed!


Indian Summer Mini Quilt

Indian Summer Mini Quilt

I am calling this the Indian Summer mini quilt.  I love the Chevron pattern in this.  It was a challenge for me, I really need the practice making those exact 1/4″ seams.  It comes down to the pressing and cutting as well.  As careful as I try to be, I think that practice is the only way that I will get better at it.  I hope that my swap partner doesn’t mind that I tried something new to me, on their quilt!

Swap Package

Swap Package

I included some recipe cards, small note cards, a magnet and a mini pad w/a pen.  Since it is feeling like fall in a lot of places, I thought that the fall items would be a great addition to the package.

I ran it down to the post office, mailed priority mail, so he/she should have it in just a few days.

Cross my fingers!

I had enough strips left, that are already cut and ready to make into rows.  I am thinking that I will make another one, I really love this pattern!  At this angle, it almost has a 3-D look!

Indian Summer Mini Quilt

Indian Summer Mini Quilt

Well, off to start another project (or maybe I should just finish some I have already going!)!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap

I am now working like crazy on my next mini quilt for the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap going on over at the Quilting Gallery.  You should check out all of the wonderful quilts on flickr!  There are so many talented quilters out there!

I thought that I would give you a sneak peak at the quilt I am working on….

Pile of strips

I started out by cutting 2″ strips of 30 different fabrics.

Pressed Strips

Here’s a more organized look.  My swap partner didn’t indicate any preferences at all!  So I have scoured his/her blog several times over, looking for a hint of what he/she would like.  I got the feeling that he/she is game for about anything!  So I decided I would make this mini quilt….


I am going to have to adjust it, this one is too large.  But I have never made a Chevron quilt before.  I know, now is probably not the time to try something new, especially when I am making it for someone else.  But I am so pleased with the way it is coming out!

The first sewn strips

This is the first round of assembling strips.

2nd Round

Here is my next round.  I’m getting so excited to get the top all together.  I’d better get going!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!  Enjoy the rest of your day!

BC Crafters, Gardeners and a Quilter!

I want to share these pictures with you, of a group of talented crafters, bakers, painters and quilters that sell items at the Bella Coola Farmers Market.  The market is very small, most of the vacationers are gone now.  There were a few wildfires that were started with lightning strikes, a couple of weeks before I went up.  So most of the vacationers left.

My mothers usually has a table at the market where she sells their honey, some garden produce, sweets that she bakes and items that she sews.  She didn’t participate when we were there, but she thought that we would enjoy seeing the place she is always talking about spending her time from late spring until early fall.


This is Wilma.  She is the local quilter that also teaches classes commissions quilts for vacationers (and locals if they wish) and sells fabric on occasion.  Her she is chatting with my mother and father (he is behind mom!)

DSC03041Here are a few of her smaller wall hangings.


Here she has a table full of quilted postcards.  She told me that she has made about 500 this summer! You can see the outdoor theme must be a good seller here.

DSC03040This is a table runner that she made by weaving fabric together and then quilting over it, and doing some bargello piecing.


Here is a Sunbonnet Sue baby quilt and a dolphin quilt made by Brenda, who was one of Wilma’s students.


Here are a couple more of Brenda’s quilts.


There were lots of knitted and crocheted baby items,


Some beautiful hand carved wood boxes,

Here’s a closer look at the work….


Some paintings (there are a lot of artists in the area!)…



Some homemade jam, and lots of baked goods!  You can also find fresh eggs here. There wasn’t much of the fresh produce left by the time that we arrived.  Apparently it goes fast!


Since the area only has about 4,000 residents, during the summer months, I thought that it was wonderful that the locals have a place to show their talents off, and bring people together.

I find it so inspiring to be able to talk to others see what they are doing.  There are so many talented people everywhere.

It was such a pleasure to be able to visit with everyone here and photograph their work!