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A Frosty Sunrise

My how time goes by!  It’s already past the middle of January of a new year!  I just took the picture in my header this morning.  The orange was so intense when I first spotted it, but just the few minutes it took me, to first check for new e-mail, and answer questions regarding shop listings, etc, it changed completely.  But I thought it was still worth taking.  Only 27 degrees, a hard frost, and the sun rising.  It’s going to be a good day!

I have been sewing and sewing, mostly to restock the shop.  But I do have pictures that I would like to share with you, from my completed, yes you read that right, completed projects from the end of 2012.

Colin's quilt

Here is the quilt that I finished for our new grandson, Colin.  He was born in November, a sweet little guy…

Colin - Newborn

I took some of the extra fabric and made him some matching washcloths..


And then I made him a matching fabric basket with his name on it.


I purchased an embroidery machine in November so that I can do projects like this one, and some monogramming on items in the shop, more on that later.


And this was the quilt label that I machine stitched for the back of the quilt.

We also had another grandson in August, my son’s….

Zane - Newborn

Ducky Hamper

I picked up this old wicker hamper, which was somewhat beat up and all white, and painted it for baby Zane.  I thought that the ducky should be blue to match his room, and I made a new liner for it. I also made a fabric basket and covered memory board with the blue checked fabric, but gave it away before I took some pictures!

Like most people, I look to the new year to make resolutions, or promises if you will, of what I would like to accomplish or do differently this year.  I’ve decided to keep it simple this year, since I know how things change as time goes on.  One promise that I made myself was to finish the projects that I have started, and I have some that have been around for a long, long time, before I start new ones.  And I have tons of new ones that I would like to do.  So I am doing just that.

Lap Quilt

I don’t know if anyone remembers this lap quilt, but it has been setting in the closet folded up and waiting to be completed.  I actually had it all machine quilted and ready for the binding.  Then I noticed that all of the quilting needed to be removed.  The tension on my machine, don’t know how I missed it, but it was off.  And the stitching on the back looked terrible.  So I have started removing it.  I am about half way done.  This will be my first project to get completed. And I have someone in mind that I will be giving it to.

Then on to this one……

Orange Sherbert Quilt top

This is my Orange Sherbert Quilt.  I only did the top, then never assembled the quilt.  It is a crib size quilt, so I guess you know where I may be going with this one?

I have other projects, but lets just get these couple done first, ha, ha!

What projects are you tackling this year?  Please share with me! Maybe we can support each other and get them done!

Enjoy your day!


Bloggers Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

After seeing everyone having so much fun with the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I just had to jump on board!  There are tons of prizes to be given away, and so, so many blogs listed to visit! There is nothing like a large group of friendly quilters to inspire you!

I want to showcase this quilt….

Coin Quilt

This quilt has special meaning to me.  First of all, I made it for my niece’s first baby.   I chose fabrics for this special quilt that  I had chosen to make things for my daughter when she was small.  Going through and choosing the fabrics brought back many pleasant memories for me.  I felt that this particular quilt needed to be made with fabric that had a special meaning.

Pink Coin Quilt

This quilt was also the first quilt that I had attempted to machine quilt.  I had always hand quilted or tied any quilts or patchwork projects that I completed in the past.

Quilting Closeup

And this quilt is also the first quilt that I have completed in many years!  I moved away from sewing, quilting and crafting for a number of years so that I could return to school.  Needless to say,  raising a family, working full time, and going to school full time, I didn’t have time to sew.  Although it wasn’t a large project, it gave me a real sense of accomplishment.

This quilt represents many special firsts that connect to the past and bring things full circle for me.  I know that Lindsey is enjoying this quilt for her new baby girl, and I have been able to share a part of my daughter’s past with her.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with me!  Take care!


Disappointments and New Beginnings

Well, I have to say that I am disappointed.

The pinwheel baby quilt that I have been working on for the baby shower at work just isn’t working out.  I have been having too many problems quilting it.  I guess that there are too many ‘firsts’ on this one for me.  (I started the list here, but thank goodness for you there is a delete button!)

Just being who I am, I can’t give someone a gift that I am not happy with.  I believe that the future is going to include removing stitches, and a lot of re-sewing! And the quilt will remain in the family (hehe!)

So life goes on!

Peter Rabbit!

Peter Rabbit!

I have this Peter Rabbit fabric that I have been waiting for the right moment to use, and some red gingham, and red ric rac and white eyelet.  I think that this has baby written all over it!  I have already started……

This is Where I’ve Been……


It is huge!!!  And the baby shower is on Thursday!  Yikes!!

You know where I’ll be!

what do I call this? accomplishments?

I actually accomplished a couple of things that were on my list from last week:

The label made and sewn on the Coin Quilt baby quilt, and mailed out today:

Coin Quilt LabelThis was the first time that I used any of the decorative stitches and letters on this machine.

And I chose the fabric and pattern that I am going to do for the baby quilt for the shower in a few weeks (another baby girl!):

some lavender

some lavender

some pink

some pink

aqua blue fabrics

aqua blue fabrics

And there will be white on each of the blocks with these colors, (maybe some light green too?).  And this is the pattern, which I will revise and make the size I want (I’m just using the layout):

the Pinwheel pattern

the Pinwheel pattern

from this 2003 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Blocks

from this 2003 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Blocks

Now that I have made that decision, here is a peek at a couple of other things that I have been either working on, or preparing for a project:



I have had this flag fabric in my stash for several years.  I recently cut all of the flags apart, and decided that I will back each one with white muslin, and use the red and white star fabric to make a bias stripe.  Then I will assemble them together to make a bunting (not with triangles but with rectangles) to hang on the front of my house for the July 4th holiday.  I have trouble hanging my flag here, it either brushes on plants, or walls, whatever is in the way. So I think this will be a viable solution to my dilemma!

And remember this? My Spare Change Wallhanging:

Spare Change Wallhanging

Spare Change Wallhanging

I finally pin-basted it to a backing and using a plate to make a pattern to quilt, I drew overlapping circles all over the top.  I have started machine quilting it, using invisible thread.  I’m not sure that I like the invisible thread, it shines when the light hits it in just the right way!  Not what I was looking for!

Closer look at the Quilting

Closer look at the Quilting

A learning experience!

And I did get five blocks cut out for the 9-patch quilt sew along.  But not sewn, a long story here! So here is where I am on that list:

Quilt my Courthouse Steps Wall Quilt (and give it a proper name!) I actually did get the fabric together for the backing on this!

Decide on a pattern and the fabric for a baby quilt for a shower at work (it will be a girl!)

Make the label for the Coin Quilt I completed for my niece’s baby girl (born last week!)

More 9-patch blocks. I don’t feel like I can cross this off unless the blocks are sewn!

And to add to this:

The flag bunting,

Finish quilting the Spare Change wallhanging,

Maybe I had better stop here!  I have actually started a couple of other projects (I’ll tell you about them tomorrow!), but I think that I have already been long-winded enough!  That’s what I get for keeping it in all week, my apologies!

Take care, and thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Flying Geese Baby Quilt

Hello! Wow it’s been busy with the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway! And what fun! Remember that tonight at 12:00 pm Pacific time the giveaway ends, but you still have time to enter, just scroll down for the post! I will post the name of the winner tomorrow morning, and send out an e-mail! Check back, and good luck!

I’ve accomplished some sewing, not without problems mind you, on the flying geese baby quilt that I am making.

I got all of the triangles cut out last weekend:

Quilt Triangles

Quilt Triangles

And I actually had two rows across completed and sewn together! And that’s when I noticed it… All of my triangle points, which looked great when I sewed them together, disappeared when the rows were sewn together! They were all cut off! To my dismay, I just couldn’t seem to figure out what I was doing wrong. So I put it aside until this weekend. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away!

I took apart the two rows and all of the triangles. Then I sat down with them, and figured out what was going on. I am now marking the points where they need to be joined together. Apparently I was too efficient matching the points! So the first couple of rows were slow, then the next couple faster. I am hoping that things will go more smoothly now. But I take nothing for granted!

Five Rows Done!

Five Rows Done!

I have five rows done, only nine more to go!

Flying Geese

Thanks for stopping by!



A picture says a thousand words………

Baby Coin Quilt

I finished this last night. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, not so much because I completed a project, but because I pushed myself through something that was holding me back.  I procrastinated because I have never machine quilted anything before.  In fact, it has been quite awhile since I have sewn anything patchwork.  When I started quilting I handquilted everything.  So this has been a learning experience for me.  And a time to revisit things that I learned, and had forgotten I learned!

quilting close-up

Here is a closer look at the stitches.

I still need to make a label to sew on the back, but I’ve decided to wait until the baby is born so that I can add the birthdate.  She is due this month, so it should be soon.

Coin Quilt

Now I am ready to move on to more difficult projects, I have a couple in mind.  And I am motivated to finish a couple more projects that I have also been procrastinating on. I see other machine quilting in my not so far future!

I want to wish all Mother’s a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness!

Thanks for stopping by!