Paisley Print, Vintage Eyelet & Vintage Buttons…..


What does that make?

My new ipad cover!  Yay!

Once I decided on the fabric the rest just fell into place….

When I was looking for my ribbon to make the loop for the button, I found this vintage applique, which is actually a cut out from a piece of lace that I saved a long time ago. I think that it adds just the right touch!

I am pleased with the outcome!

What fun projects have you been working on this weekend?  I’d love it if you would share!

Until next time,  Cheryl


4 responses to “Paisley Print, Vintage Eyelet & Vintage Buttons…..

  1. Very pretty! Who knew such a lovely vintage look could hide such modern technology! LOL!


  2. Wonderful! I love it! Makes me wish I had an ipad so I could carry it in this vintage case. I love how perfectly the ribbon and applique go with that fabric. Fun to see what you’ve been working on lately!


  3. The lace trim along the top is so pretty! I recently got some of this lace ribbon and now I know how I’ll be using it ;)

    Sew Ray Me


  4. This is very pretty. Love the applique. My latest project is painting my kitchen a lighter color so it will not be so dark.