I absolutely love the pinwheels! I thought that I would share my progress.


As you can see, someone else loves the pinwheels too!  Lots of help!

These have been so fun to make!  I’m addicted!  There are twenty blocks for this baby quilt.  Next, I will be adding white sashing between the blocks.  I’m thinking that at each corner I may add a square of the colored fabrics used in the pinwheels.

Pinwheels 2

Here’s a look at the fabrics from another angle. I’m thinking that there will be more of these in my future…..

5 responses to “Pinwheels!!

  1. It will be beautiful! It will go faster having your helper.
    Tee Hee.


  2. I LOVE the pinwheels! Such great colors and the blocks looks great together. This is going to be such a fun quilt with the sashing too. What a fun project!


  3. Oh Cheryl….
    This is going to be a lovely quilt. I love the fabric choices you have made. The lucky baby who sleeps under it….

    Hope your day is beautiful.


  4. Those are fun! What color is your sashing going to be? Maybe white? The pinwheels in the corner will be cute too.



  5. i love your work!
    i wish that one day i’ll have skills like you have in order to make such great blocks and quilts!